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Risk Management for your business, you and your family.

Independent Financial Advisor Guidance

Financial Planning

Our interests are with you, not proprietary products or services.

Tax Planning Services

Tax Preparation

Minimizing your tax burden while providing guidance on IRS regulations.


Insurance.  Financial Planning.  Tax Solutions.  Let’s just say we like make sure we cover the bases when it comes to protecting the personal and business assets of our clients.  What we do isn’t rocket science or neuro-surgery, but it is complicated.  We know that our clients, (and you if you haven’t joined our family yet)  have a myriad of options out there, so it’s our job to strive for that A+  gold star experience each and every time.

From the initial meeting with one of our team members to the 20th time we renew your insurance coverage or help you with your tax planning – it’s all about YOU.  Sure, a lot of companies say that, but at DiMatteo we live it.

59Years in Business
100K+Clients Served
304 K+DiMatteo Family Foundation Dollars Donated
25Amazing Team Members
30 Number of Charities Helped
200K+Insurance Policies Issued

Inside DiMatteo


What Makes Us Tick?

This is our WHY.  Our core values that drive every decision we make as a company.  It’s about doing what’s right for you, our customer; doing what’s right for our company and employees and above all else doing what’s right for the communities in which we work, live and play.

  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Convenience
  • Community

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